Intake Systems

Gas Turbine Intake Systems


Based upon our vast experience with gas turbine intake systems, ENtec brings value to our clients by providing an optimized balance between low pressure drop and high acoustic performance. Our understanding of internal component design practices to prevent turbine foreign object damage, together with manufacturing techniques to ensure cleanliness, allows trouble-free operation of this critical gas turbine auxiliary system.

Exhaust Systems

Gas Turbine Exhaust Systems

ENtec’s design team has decades of experience in designing gas turbine exhaust systems to survive in the most demanding of conditions.  Typically used for peaking power or gas compressor station applications, simple cycle gas turbine exhaust systems take the brunt of the combustion turbine exhaust temperature, pressure, and turbulence. Using state-of-the-art analysis techniques, we ensure that our systems will stand up to the cyclic duty, turbulent flow regimes and temperature extremes expected in this environment.