Intake Systems

Gas Turbine Intake Systems


Based upon our vast experience with gas turbine intake systems, ENtec brings value to our clients by providing an optimized balance between low pressure drop and high acoustic performance. Our understanding of internal component design practices to prevent turbine foreign object damage, together with manufacturing techniques to ensure cleanliness, allows trouble-free operation of this critical gas turbine auxiliary system.

Exhaust Systems

Gas Turbine Exhaust Systems

ENtec’s design team has decades of experience in designing gas turbine exhaust systems to survive in the most demanding of conditions.  Typically used for peaking power or gas compressor station applications, simple cycle gas turbine exhaust systems take the brunt of the combustion turbine exhaust temperature, pressure, and turbulence. Using state-of-the-art analysis techniques, we ensure that our systems will stand up to the cyclic duty, turbulent flow regimes and temperature extremes expected in this environment.

Gas Turbine Low Frequency Noise

One of the key design criteria for a gas turbine plant is consideration of low frequency noise, particularly for simple cycle facilities with residential properties in close proximity to the plant. One of the main emitters of low frequency noise is the gas turbine exhaust system.  The ENtec Solutions team of designers have decades of experience in developing cost-effective solutions for gas turbine exhaust low frequency noise issues. Our roots go back to our time with Higgott-Kane, who were recognized as industry leaders in the abatement of gas turbine low frequency noise.

Let us help you with a range of services, from development of sensible noise criteria and specification, right through to the supply of equipment guaranteed to meet your requirements.

Exhaust Stack Top Debris Screen

Gas Turbine exhaust system baffle failures create personnel and adjacent equipment safety problems with the potential of foreign debris ejected from the stack top.  A quick and simple solution is to install a temporary debris screen to eliminate any safety concerns until your next planned outage.  These screens are an inexpensive measure and can be fabricated and installed within a few weeks.

If you have a Higgott-Kane exhaust stack in need of repair, or one from another competitor, please contact us for assistance.